Who Are We?

We are a developing collection of voices (patients, families, and professionals) interested in eating disorder awareness and advocacy in our community.

About vancouver island voices for eating disorders (vived)

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Vancouver Island Voices for Eating Disorders has its roots in the Victoria Eating Disorder Peer Support Group that has been running in Victoria since 2015. Some of issues and concerns that we encountered in group led us to the development of VIVED, which is meant to serve as an overarching umbrella to the peer group as well as other advocacy and and awareness projects in our community.

We want to keep a dialogue about eating disorders and mental health issues ongoing. We want to spread awareness and create partnerships that help us improve the lives of those struggling with eating disorders.  

VIVED is registered as an official non-profit society in B.C. as of September 2018.

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Our Peer Support Group

The Victoria Eating Disorder Peer Support Group continues to be the cornerstone of VIVED’s current activities. The group is a free, drop-in group that runs weekly for individuals age 18+.The group is open to anyone struggling in their relationship with food, exercise, and their body.

Every Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 PM, room C201 (Patient Care Centre, Royal Jubilee Hospital)

Please see the peer support group page for more details about the role of peer support in recovery and details about group guidelines.

We are currently working on expanding the role of peer support to include a therapeutic and recreational (TR) component outside the regularly offered peer support meetings. This is being coordinated through a graduate student in TR studies, Deborah Madison. We are hoping to offer peer-supported community low cost activities (such as yoga, art, and other types of outings) as well as snack and meal challenges in the community. We are hoping to launch this aspect of peer support in December 2018. Please contact deb.72@live.com for more details (with the subject line - TR Peer Support for Eating Disorders).